God has given us for The Altar, Psalm 105:4, which reads, "Seek the Lord and His strength; Seek His face evermore." We invite you to remember this verse and stand with us in prayer and pursuit as we set ourselves to seek God and His will for our organization and events.



If you would like to volunteer to serve at The Altar Conference, you can do so during the registration process for the event. While registering, make sure to select the "I would like to volunteer to serve" option. Our team will contact everyone who volunteers with instructions about how to proceed with our different teams.



A great way to get involved in bringing the dream of The Altar Conference to life is to give financially. If you feel lead to be a critical part of funding this event, please follow the link below to make a one-time donation or to begin giving each month. Your faith and generosity is a massive reason why we can continue doing what we do.