"The Father is looking for worshippers! All of heaven is searching the Earth, searching the cosmos, 'Give me somebody who is sold out for worship!'" - MM

If there is anything that we can be identified as due to our actions, we should hope it will be the word boldly printed across this shirt. The action of worship is the only one that we will perform through all of time; from now, until we are gathered around the throne, and on into eternity. Worship doesn't end when the music stops, worship ends when you take Him off of the throne of your heart. So, as we go about our lives as mothers, teachers, doctors, engineers, and high school students, we must choose to keep Jesus centralized and enthroned in all we do.


Because He's worthy.

This shirt serves as a reminder of who we are, and of who others were created to be. As our friend Steffany Gretzinger once said, "[Worship] is when we are most ourselves; we were created for this." In this day, we believe that Yahweh God is searching for those who will take hold of who they were created to be, what they were created to do, and treat all else as an illegitimate option. So, as you wear this design, take it as an opportunity to call yourself - and others - into the true identity of who we were designed to be.

Remember your honor as a son or daughter to worship, adore, and fear Him with every fiber of your being. After all,

we were made for this.

Peace & blessings,

The Altar Team

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